Hardware Components

Optical Sensor

Ouva system is trained and calibrated to detect presence of a person using an optical sensor. These sensors are utilized in displays to enable interactivity. There is a wide range of sensors that Ouva can use and the selection is based on project requirements - including depth, infrared and others.


All displays can be activated to provide Ouva patient interface with a small form factor head-end PC attachment. These displays can be found inside patient and exam rooms, hallways, waiting rooms and lobbies. The display enables patient and staff to receive feedback, provide relaxing scenery and facility information.

Content Management System

The content management system, running in the secure cloud server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows hospital staff to manage the messages displayed to the visitors on the screen.

Third-Party Integrations

Ouva can be configured to control and respond to any third-party systems such as ambient lighting that increase immersion or microphones for voice-control if needed.

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