Ouva’s AI Assistant technology lives within friendly companion characters. It provides an interactive messaging tool for facilities that allows you to customize the experience to each location with greetings, patient education, announcements, and guidance.

In idle mode, when noone is directly in front of the screen, Ouva only displays your logo, which can be created by following Show your logo guide.

When someone walks up close to Ouva, they see one of your randomly selected messages. From then on, everytime your visitors walk near the messaging companion, they see a new random message.

Types of messages

Our experience showed us that short messages with direct communication, paired with images are the most impactful and memorable. We have designed the layout of Ouva to accomodate brief messages and an image displayed on a board embedded into the 3D environment. To learn how to create a message, follow the Create a message guide.

Content Management

Ouva makes the content editor's easier by providing an intuitive, clear, and simple interface to customize messages across the entire facility. Log into to access your portal. Please contact us if you do not have credentials to log in.

If you would like to display rich content including videos, GIFs, or connect with your RSS and social media feeds, for example, to display the latest events, contact us.

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