Network Guidelines

Ouva on-site network requires the following for Ouva devices, servers, and PCs:
  • Fixed IP for each device.
  • No firewall between devices.
  • A working Network Time Protocol (NTP) server should be reachable from all devices.
  • A separate VLAN is ideal but is not a hard requirement.
  • Access to for the messaging component.

All Ouva software and required third-party packages are hosted with Nexus on AWS server. When setting up the Operating System, updating application software, the end-device pulls the latest binaries from these servers.
  • Docker registry: 80,443/TCP
  • CI/CD tools: 443,50000/TCP

Logs are collected on Ouva-hosted server (on AWS) and are processed using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana stack. (Optional)
  • Elasticsearch: 9200/TCP

  • Rocky Linux package repositories: 80, 443/TCP

Device diagnostic data (e.g. CPU temperature, memory utilization) is sent to Ouva-hosted server (on AWS) which processes data using Zabbix software. If there is anything out of ordinary, it automatically pings Ouva maintenance staff. (Optional)
  • Zabbix: 10050, 10051/TCP

Remote support is a critical part of Ouva’s ongoing service delivery. By default, systems are set up to be controlled using AnyDesk software using the following ports:
  • AnyDesk: 80,443, 6568/TCP
If your facility uses a separate vendor remote access solution, such as SecureLink or Citrix, Ouva team can carry out remote operations using those.
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