Using WebRTC Streams

If your camera or platform supports WebRTC, you can connect Ouva to your streams.
You can use WebRTC endpoints to connect Ouva AI to your streams.
Although peer-to-peer communication between peers is standard, the handshake step is not. There is no standard way to implement signaling server communication. Because of this reason, a specific integration with your already existing signaling server is needed on our side.
For the integration, we require the following information:
  • Signaling server URL
  • Signaling server <-> peer communication schema, including authentication schema, handshake method, and messages.
  • A message to our backend services that contains the bed details, including credentials, signaling server address, and remote peer ID.
You can define a new sensor in the dashboard with the following URI and our backend services will negotiate with the signaling server and streaming will begin: