Monitoring and Support Infrastructure

Device Alerts

Every network-connected component Ouva system is continuously pinged by Ouva infrastructure. In case of failure, all configured devices send alerts within seconds.

Remote Login

Ouva team provides remote maintenance of critical systems through virtual desktop access. Ouva service team uses AnyDesk, Apache Guacamole software for remote connection, or where applicable, can respond through a VPN-based software of your choosing.

Patch Management

All systems are maintained remotely by Ouva service team with operating system security patches applied daily. Ouva team notifies facility immediately when a security vulnerability is discovered. The system reports automatically when a patch addresses security vulnerabilities.

Antivirus Protection

All operating systems on Ouva platform can be installed the antivirus software as required by your facility’s infrastructure, if available on the Operating System.

Uptime and Availability

Using web-based dashboard, facility team can see, in real-time, the availability and uptime data of all components. The infrastructure uptime and availability is protected under Service Level Agreement.


Upon installation, Ouva partners with a trusted local A/V company to speed up on-site service. When application patches are available, facility team receives notification in advance and can test the updates before they are deployed in production.

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