View previous visits

All data captured during a patient's visit is accessible when you visit Patients > More > Patient History.

On this page, you can see care stages, the entire timeline of events during the patient's stay, and other patient data such as mobility throughout the stay and all doctor and nurse visits.

Care stages

Ouva tracks the time between various stages throughout the patient's journey, from admission and transfer to discharge. You can find this information on the Stages card, together with timestamps, showing how long each stage took.


When a patient admission event is received via ADT feed or manually, Ouva tracks this stage until the patient arrives in the room.


When a patient is requested to be transferred to a different bed (e.g. stepping down from ICU or across departments), Ouva starts tracking the transfer flow starting with the order, patient leaving the room until the patient arrives in the new room.


When a discharge order is received, Ouva starts tracking Discharge flow until the patient leaves the room.

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