Inbox allows nurses and sitters to access their departments' most important alerts and warnings. Through Inbox, you can get fall or wander alerts and round, and patient flow delays detected via AI and delivered to you no matter where you are within the app.

If you are in dashboard mode (displaying all patients on a screen in a hallway, for example), you can hide the Inbox. Clicking on an alert will take you directly to the patient, where you can see their status and whether they are alone.

Suppose you think the alert was thrown in error. In that case, you can manually resolve it, informing our team to improve the detection models.

Suppose a critical alert disappears before you see it (for example, a fall-risk patient leaves the bed and gets back). In that case, you can find it under Recently Resolved. And if you would like to continue to alert the team, you can Unresolve it.

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