Our reporting service provides a GraphQL API that clients can consume for room/patient-related data (e.g. patient status, notifications). The API exposes a secured /graphql endpoint on URL which serves the data over HTTPS.
schema {
query: Rooms
type Rooms {
rooms(departmentReferenceKey: String): [Room!]
room(roomReferenceKey: String, roomNumber: String): Room
scalar DateTime # ISO 8601 date and time: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ
scalar Date # ISO 8601 date: yyyy-MM-dd
There are 2 queries: The rooms query returns all room records specified by a department reference key. The room query returns (at most) one room record specified by either a room reference key OR a room number. Each room record consists of room details (room number, department, occupancy, etc.), notifications, and patient details (if a patient has been admitted). Additionally, any reference key field can also be safely omitted.
Tip: Any GraphQL client tool (e.g. Altair) can be used to introspect this schema and run test queries. The only thing to keep in mind is that the tool needs to support setting Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token> header since we also secure this endpoint just like any other endpoint (some tools do not support HTTP headers!).
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