Manage rooms

Learn how to quickly start tracking room activity with your sensors.

Click on Rooms tab on the left to add, remove, edit beds and sensors.

Once in the Rooms view, click on New to create a new Room and associated sensor. Below are the required fields.

  • Name: Name of the room

  • Floor: The floor of the room

  • Department: Select from available list of departments. You can add more via Departments view on the left.

  • URL: RTSP, WebRTC or HTTP/S urls of the camera stream.

  • Width/Height: Stream resolution.

  • Username/Password: Credentials of the camera stream, if required.

Ouva can connect to any RTSP-enabled camera stream (RGB or Infrared). A 1080p H.264 stream requires approximately 4 Mbit/s bandwidth. Recent camera systems that provide H.265 stream can reduce the bandwidth need further.

You can calculate your bandwidth need using an online CCTV bandwidth calculator like the one below.

The output event-stream bandwidth is negligible (Typically around 300 Kbit/s for 100 streams).

Test with pre-recorded videos

During installation or testing, you may want to use pre-recorded videos hosted online. In that case, you can load them into individual beds in the format https://...

Test rooms

Once beds are created, ensure that camera connection works, by first going into Patients tab and ensuring there is a free test patient available. If not, create one (with Fall and Wander flags, if that is part of the test).

Afterwards, go to Home view and click on Admit patient. Once the room is visible on dashboard, click on it and see in live view the correct data is being streamed.

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