Track patient rounds

In their critical role as healthcare providers, maintaining timely patient rounds is of paramount importance for nurses. Ouva is designed to assist in this imperative task, acting as an aid to their clinical responsibilities.

Nurse-Patient Time Monitoring

Ouva maintains a real-time log of the time a nurse spends with each patient. This feature aims not to scrutinize but to ease the management of their time across various patient interactions, allowing each nurse to understand and manage their time distribution effectively.

Customizable Delay Notifications

Ouva facilitates the setting up of customized delay notifications aimed at assisting nurses in managing their patient rounds. This feature comes in particularly handy in ensuring high-risk patients receive prompt and regular attention.

Ouva instills its firm belief of being a helping hand in a nurse's duty to provide outstanding care. The round tracking feature is developed to make nurses' job easier and more efficient, steering them to focus on what they excel at - delivering compassionate and effective patient care.

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