Improve bed turnover

In a high-paced healthcare environment, visibility into bed availability plays a crucial role in optimizing patient flow and enhancing care efficiency. Ouva enables this by effectively tracking bed turnover.

Automatic Tracking of Patient Flow Events

Ouva's AI system automatically recognizes admit, transfer, or discharge events as they occur. In doing so, it maintains an accurate, real-time record of bed occupancy and availability, allowing for efficient allocation of resources.

Automated Notifications for Cleaning Staff

Once a discharged patient departs, Ouva automatically notifies the relevant cleaning staff to prep the bed for the next patient. This not only reduces turnaround time but also ensures a clean and safe environment for the incoming patient.

Early Warnings on Wait Times

Ouva tracks wait times such as patient arrival or discharge. If these times exceed the predefined department-level goals, Ouva provides early warnings, enabling prompt action to prevent potential bottlenecks or delays in patient care.

Checking Equipment Readiness Pre-Admission

Ahead of a new patient's admission, Ouva checks for equipment readiness in the scheduled bed area. This ensures that upon admission, the patient arrives in a fully equipped space, reducing any potential delays and enhancing the patient's experience.

Data Surfacing for Informed Decision-Making

The rich data gathered by tracking bed turnovers is surfaced at both the department and individual patient levels. This allows unit leaders to make informed decisions, tailor team strategies, and continually improve patient flow management.

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