Analyze workload distribution

Understanding the time and effort allocation across different patients is key to planning efficient shifts and maintaining high standards of care. This aspect takes on increased significance with the global staffing shortage. Ouva provides critical insight into this aspect, supporting a more efficient nursing team by mapping out work distribution across patients.

Reveal Effort Across Different Patient Profiles

Efficient patient care requires a deep understanding of varied patient profiles and their respective demands on care resources. Ouva uses its data-driven approach to offer detailed insights into patient profiles across different departments and patient populations, aiding healthcare facilities in their mission to deliver personalized, effective care.

Ouva's system enables the tracking and analysis of the time and effort required for different patient profiles. By recognizing patterns in care demands for various patient categories - for instance, based on age, health condition, or recovery stage - Ouva enables healthcare teams to anticipate resource needs effectively and prepare accordingly.

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