Safety insights

To drive efficient decision-making and sustain improvements in care delivery, Ouva provides detailed unit insights. This function utilizes AI to generate valuable data on activities, risks, and notifications, supporting leaders in tailoring evidence-based programs.

Timestamps for Each Activity, Risks, and Notifications

Ouva automatically maintains a detailed log of each activity occurring in the patient's room with corresponding timestamps, as well as associated risks and alert notifications. This data is instrumental in creating a clear picture of patient care activities, enhancing understanding of risk occurrences, and helping leaders identify areas that may require attention.

Tailoring Programs Based on Evidence

With access to detailed insights into unit operations, leaders can use this evidence to tailor their care procedures and protocols. By comparing data on real-life occurrences and their associated risks, leaders can make more informed decisions to guide improvements in patient care.

Addressing Staff Requirements

During periods of staff shortage, Ouva's data can be invaluable in revealing the additional effort required to meet department-level goals. By providing robust insights into care operations and effort levels, leaders could plan ahead and allocate resources more effectively to maintain care standards.

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