Detect falls (beta)

While all efforts are prioritized towards fall prevention in hospitals, the unfortunate reality is that some falls may still occur. In such rare instances, prompt medical attention is vital to mitigate serious injuries and further complications. Ouva's AI-powered monitoring system effectively addresses this issue with its capability to detect falls.

Real-time Fall Detection

Ouva's AI models have been fine-tuned to also recognize the distinct patterns indicative of a patient fall. When such an event is detected, Ouva immediately triggers an alert, notifying the healthcare team.

Immediate Help Assessment

Following a fall detection alert, Ouva continues monitoring the situation to assess if help has reached the patient. It does this by detecting the presence of hospital staff in the room. Real-time updates on patient assistance further ensure enhanced patient care and timely response in case of falls.

By providing quick, accurate alerts on patient falls and subsequent staff interventions, Ouva's fall detection feature aims to ensure minimum delay in patient care during such critical situations. This can greatly help in improving patient outcomes and safety.

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