Detect elopement

Patient elopement, or unauthorized wandering, is a significant concern in hospital settings, particularly among patients with cognitive impairments such as dementia or delirium. Quick detection and prevention of elopement incidents are crucial to ensure patient safety. Ouva offers a sophisticated feature to address this challenge.

Detects When Patients Leave the Room

Ouva integrates AI with existing video monitoring systems to effectively track patients' movements within their rooms. It has the capability to instantly recognize when a patient attempts to leave the room without authorization and promptly sends an alert to the healthcare team.

Configurable Early Warnings

Ouva's system is highly configurable, allowing for tailored care based on individual patient needs. For high-risk patients, early warnings can be activated to send out an alert when the patient gets out of bed. This anticipative approach ensures early intervention and can potentially prevent an elopement scenario from escalating.

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