Auto-resolve alerts

Alert fatigue in healthcare settings is a well-known issue, where the frequent occurrence of alarms can lead to them being overlooked or ignored. Ouva's AI-powered system addresses this problem with the auto-resolve alerts feature, promoting both staff efficiency and patient safety.

Detect Presence of Staff in the Room

Leveraging AI, Ouva can recognize the presence of health professionals in the patient's room. Specifically, it interprets the role of each person based on visually distinctive characteristics, like uniforms, enabling accurate identification and varied alert systems based on staff roles.

Automatically Resolves Alerts

In high-risk situations that trigger alerts, Ouva monitors for staff intervention. Upon detecting healthcare staff entering the patient's room, Ouva auto-resolves the alert without further action required from the staff. This effectively reduces unnecessary alarms, allowing the healthcare team to focus more directly on patient care without worrying about manually clearing alerts.

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